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Buecher: Signals and Systems with MATLAB Computing and Simulink Modeling

This text contains a comprehensive discussion on continuous and discrete time signals and systems with many MATLAB and several Simulink examples. It is written for junior and senior electrical and com…

Buecher: RFID - A Guide to Radio Frequency Identification

This book provides an introduction to RFID technology. It describes and addresses the following: How RFID works, how it is and can be used in current and future applications. The History of RFID techn…

Buecher: Understanding Knowledge as a Commons From Theory to Practice

Knowledge in digital form offers unprecedented access to information through the Internet but at the same time is subject to ever-greater restrictions through intellectual property legislation, overpa…

Buecher: Snort Intrusion Detection and Prevention Toolkit

This all new book covering the brand new Snort version 2.6 from members of the Snort developers team. This fully integrated book, CD, and Web toolkit covers everything from packet inspection to optimi…

Buecher: Programming the Nintendo Gameboy Advance

Develop your own games for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance! Now you can write, compile, and run Game Boy programs right on your Windows desktop! Programming the Nintendo Game Boy Advance: The Unofficial…

Buecher: Similarity Search - The Metric Space Approach

The proliferation of information housed in computerized domains makes it vital to find tools to search these resources efficiently and effectively. Ordinary retrieval techniques are inadequate because…


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