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Buecher: The Book of VMware: The Complete Guide to VMware Workstation - No Starch Press

There's only so much you can do by multitasking applications. Frequently, you just need another computer for testing software, trying out network configurations, or doing any of a dozen things that en…

Buecher: Operating Systems Concepts - John Wiley'Sons

Operating Systems Concepts - John Wiley'Sons

Buecher: Handbook of Computer Vision Algorithms in Image Algebra - CRC Press

 Image algebra is a comprehensive, unifying theory of image transformations, image analysis, and image understanding. In 1996, the bestselling first edition of the Handbook of Computer Vision Alg…

Buecher: Great Jobs for Computer Science Majors 2nd Edition - McGraw Hill

Students can explore their career options within their field of study using the Great Jobs series as their guide. From assessing individual talents and skills to taking the necessary steps to land a j…

Buecher: Developing Your Own 32 Bit Computer Operating System - Sams

Originally titled Developing Your Own 32 Bit Operating System this book shows you how one man built a complete, 32 bit operating system for the Intel processors from scratch, running on processors fro…

Buecher: Pro Apache Beehive - Apress

If you want exposure to the new open source lightweight SOA-driven Apache Beehive framework project, then pick up Pro Apache Beehive, the first book on this MVC Web framework, which is increasingly ga…


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