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Buecher: Oracle PL SQL For Dummies

If you know a bit about SQL, this book will make PL/SQL programming painless!> The Oracle has spoken — you need to get up to speed on PL/SQL programming, right? We predict it'll be a …

Buecher: Computational Intelligence for Movement Sciences: Neural Networks and Other Emerging Techniques

Recent years have seen many new developments in computational intelligence (CI) techniques and, consequently, this has led to an exponential increase in the number of applications in a variety of area…

Buecher: Pro Tools LE and M-Powered The Complete Guide - Focal Press

Pro Tools LE and M-Powered is an authoritative guide to Digidesign's entry-level hardware and software systems. Illustrated throughout with color screen grabs, the book starts by giving you useful ove…

Buecher: Broadband Problem Anatomy of a Market Failure and a Policy Dilemma - Brookings Institution Press

As the Internet revolution continues to unfold and transform telecommunications, pressure is building for faster, less expensive, and more widely accessible broadband service. Such a development would…

Buecher: Introduction to FORTRAN 90 for Engineers and Scientists - Prentice Hall

This Fortran 90 module, part pf PH Modular Series for Introductory Engineering, is by the authors of the best-selling FORTRAN 77 book, Nyhoff and Leestma. The module, designed for a short course, will…

Buecher: Computer Vision and Applications: A Guide for Students and Practitioners - Academic Press

Based on the highly successful 3-volume reference Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications, this concise edition covers in a single volume the entire spectrum of computer vision ranging form the i…


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