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Buecher: A primer of multivariate statistic
Harris R.J., 2001

As he was looking over materials for his multivariate course, Harris (U. of New Mexico) realized that the course had outstripped the current edition of his own textbook. He decided to revise it rather…

Buecher: Applied multivariate statistics for the social sciences
Stevens J.P., 2001

A textbook for courses on advanced statistical methods or multivariate statistics for students in the social sciences with little or no training in multivariate methods. Previous study is required in …

Buecher: Multivariate bayesian statistics: models for source separation and signal unmixing
Rowe D.B., 2003

Of the two primary approaches to the classic source separation problem, only one does not impose potentially unreasonable model and likelihood constraints: the Bayesian statistical approach. Bayesian …

Buecher: Applied multivariate statistical analysis
Haerdle W., Simar L., 2003

Most of the observable phenomena in the empirical sciences are of multivariate nature. This book presents the tools and concepts of multivariate data analysis with a strong focus on applications. The …

Buecher: Theory of Multivariate Statistics
Bilodeau M., Brenner D., 1999

Presents the main results of the modern theory of multivariate statistics to those who would appreciate a concise and mathematically rigorous treatment.

Buecher: Multivariate Analysemethoden : theorie und praxis multivariater verfahren unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von S-PLUS
Handl A., 2002

Das Buch wendet sich an alle, die sich mit der Analyse komplexer Datensätze beschäftigen. Die dabei benötigten unterschiedlichen multivariaten Verfahren werden jeweils an Hand einfacher…


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