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Buecher: The geometry of Minkowski spacetime: an introduction to the mathematics of the special theory of relativity
Naber G.L., 1992

It is the intention of this monograph to provide an introduction to the special theory of relativity that is mathematically rigorous and yet spells out in considerable detail the physical significance…

Buecher: Minkowski Geometry
Thompson A.C., 1996

Minkowski geometry is a non-Euclidean geometry in a finite number of dimensions that is different from elliptic and hyperbolic geometry (and from the Minkowskian geometry of spacetime). Here the linea…

Buecher: Flavordynamics of quarcs and leptones
Fritzsch H., Minkowski P., 1981

The present theory of flavordynamics is discussed. After giving a general introduction into the field we describe the gauge theory framework and the spontaneous symmetry breaking. Several examples of …


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