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Buecher: Algebraic Geometry IV: Linear Algebraic Groups Invariant Theory
Parshin A.N., Shafarevich I.R., 1994

This volume of the Encyclopaedia contains two contributions on closely related subjects: the theory of linear algebraic groups and invariant theory. The first part is written by T.A. Springer, a well-…

Buecher: Linear Algebra: Gateway to Mathematics
Messer R., 1997

Since many students feel uncomfortable at first or unfamiliar with the theoretical nature of many topics in linear algebra, numerous discussions of the logical structure of proofs, the need to transla…

Buecher: Equations in linear spaces
Rolewicz S., Przeworska-Rolewicz D., 1968

Equations in linear spaces

Buecher: Theory of Linear Operators in Hilbert Space
Akhiezer N.I., Glazman I.M., 1993

This classic textbook introduces linear operators in Hilbert Space, and presents the geometry of Hilbert space and the spectral theory of unitary and self-adjoint operators. 1961, 1963 edition.This cl…

Buecher: One-Parameter Semigroups for Linear Evolution Equations
Engel K.-J., Nagel R., 1999

This book gives an up-to-date account of the theory of strongly continuous one-parameter semigroups of linear operators. It includes a systematic discussion of the spectral theory and the long-term be…

Buecher: Theory of differential equations. Part 3. Ordinary linear equations (Vol. 4)
Forsyth A.R., 1902

Theory of differential equations. Part 3. Ordinary linear equations (Vol. 4)
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