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Buecher: Gauge fields in condensed matter (part 2)
Kleinert H., 2000

Gauge fields in condensed matter (part 2)

Buecher: Geometry of Yang-Mills fields
Atiyah M.F., 1979

Geometry of Yang-Mills fields

Buecher: Local quantum physics: fields, particles, algebras
Haag R., 1996

This book gives a comprehensive account of local quantum physics understood as the synthesis of quantum theory with the principle of locality. Centered on the algebraic approach, it describes both the…

Buecher: Quantization of Fields with Constraints
Gitman D.M., Tyutin I.V., 1991

Quantization of Fields with Constraints

Buecher: Turbulence and magnetic fields in astrophysics
Falgarone E. (ed.), Passot T. (ed.), 2003

The present set of lectures is devoted to magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in astrophysics with strong emphasis on numerical simulations. The book strives for a balance between state-of-the-art reports …

Buecher: Lattice gauge fields
Drouffe J.M., Itzykson C., 1978

Lattice gauge fields


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