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Buecher: Electromagnetic field theory
Thide B., 2004

The current book is an outgrowth of the lecture notes that I prepared for the four-credit course Electrodynamics that was introduced in the Uppsala University curriculum in 1992, to become the five-cr…

Buecher: Scattering of electromagnetic waves (Vol 1. Theories and applications)
Tsang L., Kong J. A., Ding K.- H., 2000

This book is very good about theoretical approach to electromagnetic scattering for graduate students. Topics are clearly expressed and easy to follow. Some of the applications such as interferometric…

Buecher: Electromagnetic Propagation in Multi-Mode Random Media
Rowe H.E., 1999

Reflecting the growing importance of multi-mode transmission media in communications, radar, sensors, remote sensing, and many other industrial applications, this work presents analytic methods for ca…

Buecher: Spheroidal Wave Functions in Electromagnetic Theory
Li L.-W., Kang X.-K., Leong M.-S., 2002

The flagship monograph addressing the spheroidal wave function and its pertinence to computational electromagneticsSpheroidal Wave Functions in Electromagnetic Theory presents in detail the theory of …

Buecher: Electromagnetic fields and relativistic particles
Konopinski E.J., 1981

Electromagnetic fields and relativistic particles

Buecher: Grid Computing For Electromagnetics (Artech House Electromagnetic Analysis)
Tarricone Luciano, Esposito Alessandra, 2004

Today, more and more practitioners, researchers, and students are utilizing the power and efficiency of grid computing for their increasingly complex electromagnetics applications. This cutting-edge b…
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