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Magazinen: Reviews in Computational Chemistry (volume 19)
Lipkowitz K.B., Larter R., Cundari T.R. (eds.), 2003

The Reviews in Computational Chemistry series brings together leading authorities in the field. The chapters in this book series are written to teach the newcomer and update the expert. Topics include…

Buecher: Fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics
Lomax H., Pulliam T.H., Zingg D.W., 1999

This book is intended as a textbook for a first course in computational fluid dynamics and will be of interest to researchers and practitioners as well. It emphasizes fundamental concepts in developin…

Buecher: Computational algebraic geometry
Schenck H., 2003

Recent advances in computing and algorithms make it easier to do many classical problems in algebra. Suitable for graduate students, this book brings advanced algebra to life with many examples. The f…

Buecher: Computational algebraic geometry
Eyssette F., Galligo A., 1993

Proceedings of a symposium held in Nice, France, in April 1992, on the themes of effective methods and complexity issues in commutative algebra, projective geometry, real geometry, algebraic number th…

Buecher: A computational number theory and algebra
Schoup V., 2003

A computational number theory and algebra

Buecher: Applied and Computational Complex Analysis (Vol. 3)
Henrici P., 1986

Presents applications as well as the basic theory of analytic functions of one or several complex variables. The first volume discusses applications and basic theory of conformal mapping and the solut…
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