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Die Algebra ist eines der grundlegenden Teilgebiete der Mathematik, das sich der Struktur, Relation und der Menge widmet.

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Buecher: Computational algebraic geometry
Schenck H., 2003

Computational  algebraic geometry

Recent advances in computing and algorithms make it easier to do many classical problems in algebra. Suitable for graduate students, this book brings advanced algebra to life with many examples. The f…

Buecher: Current algebra and anomalies
Treiman S.B., Jackiw R., Zumino B., 1985

Current algebra and anomalies

Current algebra remains our most successful analysis of fundamental particle interactions. This collection of surveys on current algebra and anomalies is a successor volume to Lectures On Current Alge…

Buecher: Some tapas of computer algebra
Cohen A.M., Cuypers H., Sterk H., 1999

Some tapas of computer algebra

This book arose from a series of courses on computer algebra which were given at Eindhoven Technical University. Its chapters present a variety of topics in computer algebra at an accessible (upper un…

Buecher: Multilinear Algebra
Greub W.H., 1967

Multilinear Algebra

This textbook gives a detailed and comprehensive presentation of the linear algebra based on axiomatic treatment of linear spaces. The author maintains a good balance between modern algebraic interest…

Buecher: Incline algebra and applications
Cao Z.-Q., Kim K.H., Roush F.W., 1984

Incline algebra and applications

This is the first attempt to collect published and unpublished results on incline algebra, which encompasses Boolean algebra and fuzzy algebra. In order to read this monograph, the reader should have …

Buecher: Fundamental problems in algorithmic algebra
Yap C.K., 1999

Fundamental problems in algorithmic algebra

Computer Algebra systems represents a rapidly growing application of computer science to all areas of scientific research and computation. Well-known computer algebra systems such as Maple, Macsyma, M…


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