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Buecher: Saving The Corporate Board

Saving The Corporate Board

Ward reveals ten specific failings that are built into our boardroom model and provides real-world fixes to get boards back on track. Ward mixes tart, insightful analogies (what do boards have in comm…

Buecher: Chiral symmetry and the U(1) problem
Christos G.A., 1984

Chiral symmetry and the U(1) problem

This review gives a detailed account of recent progress in the U(l) problem from the point of view of the anomalous Ward identities and the large Ne expansion. Two important ingredients that go into t…

Buecher: Supermanifolds, super twistor spaces and super Yang-Mills fields
Shnider S., Wells R.O., 1989

Supermanifolds, super twistor spaces and super Yang-Mills fields

The notion of super Minkowski space, and more generally the notion of supermanifolds, plays an analogous role in this theory to that of Minkowski space and Lorentzian manifolds in the theory of specia…

Buecher: Functional analysis lecture notes
Ward T.B., 2001

Functional analysis lecture notes

In order to reach the more interesting and useful ideas, we shall adopt a fairly brutal approach to some early material. Lengthy proofs will sometimes be left out, though full versions will be made av…

Buecher: Topology lecture notes
Ward T., 2001

Topology lecture notes

Topology lecture notes

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Buecher: Twistor geometry and field theory
Ward R.S., Wells R.O., 1990

Twistor geometry and field theory

This book deals with the twistor treatment of certain linear and non-linear partial differential equations in mathematical physics. The description in terms of twistors involves algebraic and differen…
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