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Buecher: A course in arithmetic
Serr J.P., 1996

A course in arithmetic

Serre's A Course in Arithmetic is a concentrated, modern introduction to basically three areas of number theory, quadratic forms, Dirichlet's density theorem, and modular forms. The first edition was …

Buecher: Geometrie algebrique et geometrie analytique
Serre J.-P., 1956

Geometrie algebrique et geometrie analytique

Geometrie algebrique et geometrie analytique

Buecher: Lectures on Arakelov Geometry
Soule C., 1992

Lectures on Arakelov Geometry

Arakelov theory is a new geometric approach to diophantine equations. It combines algebraic geometry, in the sense of Grothendieck, with refined analytic tools such as currents on complex manifolds an…

Buecher: A user
McCleary J., 2001

A user

Spectral sequences are among the most elegant and powerful methods of computation in mathematics. This book describes some of the most important examples of spectral sequences and some of their most s…

Buecher: Commutative algebra
Matsumura H., 1980

Commutative algebra

This book has evolved out of a graduate course in algebra I gave at Brandeis University during the academic year of 1967-1968. At that time M. Auslander taught algebraic geometry to the same group of …


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