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Buecher: Operator theory
Barbatis G., Davies E.B., Erdos J.A.

Operator theory

These lecture notes are based on the courses "Operator Theory" developed atKing’s College London by G. Barbatis, E.B. Davies and J.A. Erdos, and"Functional Analysis II" developed at the University of …

Buecher: Only problems not solutions!
Smarandache F., 1993

Only problems not solutions!

The problems are primarily in the area of number theory, which as the luminary Paul Erdos often said, makes them easy to state and understand, but hard to prove. If you are interested in problems that…

Buecher: Linked: the new science of networks
Barabasi A.L., 2002

Linked: the new science of networks

The book itself is simply an example to each one of us. Its style and organisation are straightforward. Barabási articulates a series of anecdotes some of which come from biographical sketches of Eule…


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