TIME Magazine December 24, 2007 Vol. 170 No. 26

TIME Magazine December 24, 2007 Vol. 170 No. 26 • COVER: Can Anyone Win This Thing? - The race for the Republican presidential nomination is turning into a rare and unpredictable free-for-all. That's what happens when a party lacks a front runner, is low on intellectual steam--and its best candidates all have notable defects• WORLD: The Fleeting Success of the Surge - Thousands of Iraqi refugees who fled last year's violence are returning, but many more are staying away. Here are four reasons why it's too early to proclaim the end of the civil war• PEOPLE: 10 Questions for Ringo Starr - Like each of his ex-Fab Four bandmates, the former drummer for the Beatles has become an accomplished solo artist. His new album, Liverpool 8, comes out on Jan. 15. Ringo Starr will now take your questions• SPECIAL SECTION: The Best Top 10 Lists of the Year

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